№ 368 Conch Shell

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This long necklace a gorgeous antique conch shell bead from Nagaland and an antique coin silver pendant from Afghanistan.

These antique conch shell beads are hand carved and detailed in Nagaland, located in Northeast India.  This kind of conch shell is found in areas around the Indian Ocean.  Conch shells have a long religious lineage within Buddhist and Hindu cultures.  In Buddhism, the conch shell is one of the eight auspicious symbols, symbolizing the Buddha’s speech or call to teaching.  In Hinduism, the conch shell is the sacred emblem of the God Vishnu, the preserver, believed to protect humans and to restore order to the world.

Pendant is 5  long and hangs from a sturdy chain measuring 32” and is finished with a 9mm lobster claw clasp.  This long necklace hangs just below the bust line.  All chain and findings are oxidized sterling silver.