Silvija in their bodywork studio


My sessions are an invitation into a deep and restorative relaxation – a reset for your nervous system.  My therapeutic approach draws from multiple disciplines and traditions, allowing us to work with the interconnections of the body.  My work is rooted in continued study of new modalities, my fascination with anatomy and physiology, and the reverence I bring to working with each unique body.

Sessions emphasize combining craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and massage, to attune to your nervous system and the natural pace of your body’s unwinding.

Craniosacral therapy addresses the core of our being – our central nervous system - a place where tension, holding patterns, and old traumas are often housed. This therapy is gentle in nature though it works to address the deepest tissues of the body.

Myofascial release integrates beautifully with the core work of craniosacral therapy to help map and release the pathways of tension within our body and bring focus to the dynamic relationship of our connective tissues.  Our fascia is a network of connective tissues found throughout the body, covering every muscle, bone, nerve and organ providing structure and communicating much of our internal felt sense.

The nature of this work is gentle and nourishing, with your body guiding the pace of the treatment.  The benefits of these combined methods can be profound: feeling connected to your body, a deep reset within your nervous system, freedom from new or persistent pain, ease with movement, and a deep calm within the mental, emotional, and physical landscape of your life.

As your practitioner, I am always interested in you – your lived experience within your body and what is important to you about your health and care.  I tailor and customize each session to your needs.

I have studied with 12 mentors one-on-one and in small classroom settings throughout the past 8 years.  I completed a 750 hour Massage Therapy Training at Sacred Roots Massage School of Montana in June 2022 and four month course in craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.
Details about sessions - 
75 minute Integrated Bodywork sessions are $100 - I suggest this for new clients and those wanting an in depth consultation and more time on the table.  Within these sessions we will take a holistic approach to the body while integrating all techniques as best suit your particular needs.
60 minute Integrated Bodywork sessions are $85 - Great for returning clients and those wanting to focus on a few areas of the body or desiring a deep relaxation.
45 minute Craniosacral sessions are $70 - If you're interested in experiencing the relaxation of craniosacral, this is a great session length to choose, especially if you'd like more time for consultation.
30 minute Craniosacral sessions are $55 - Great for returning craniosacral clients.
I offer a number of sliding scale sessions each month, please reach out, everyone is deserving of bodywork.  My goal is to make bodywork accessible for all clients.  Tips are not necessary, but if you are inclined to tip this money helps supplement discounted sessions and increases my ability to offer accessibility within my practice.  As far as payment goes I accept cash, checks, credit card, Venmo and PayPal.
Is this work right for you?  Get in touch!

Accepting new clients 

“Touch is a dialogue and we are listening to a sacred story” - Michael McMahon, my teacher of craniosacral therapy and myofascial release