№ 303 Fossilized Coral

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A delicate necklace featuring a fossilized coral gemstone suspended from two of my signature hand formed circles which eclipse one another.

Pairs beautifully with earrings № 013 Fossilized Coral and necklace № 362 Fossilized Coral if you want a long necklace to layer with.

Fossilized coral is created when prehistoric coral is gradually hardened and replaced with agate from silica-rich waters, a process which can take over 20 million years.  Fossil coral is believed to be a grounding stone, helpful for promoting inner peace, and good for bringing about change.  It is a non-traditional stone for the zodiac sign Taurus, Silvija’s sign, no wonder she loves it so much!

Pendant is 1” long and hangs from a delicate but sturdy chain measuring 18” and is finished with a 9mm lobster claw clasp.  All metal is oxidized sterling silver.