№ 335 Rutilated Quartz

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This necklace features a stunning rutilated quartz briolette!  This stone has incredible depth with its golden inclusions and is complimented by a wire bundle at the top.  I just love the contrast of faceted stone and rustic silver.

Rutilated Quartz comes in many different hues depending on the fine threads known as rutiles, ranging from yellow, rust, green, and black.  Rutilated quartz offers a story of how flaws transform into depth and beauty.  Believed to be an energizing and harmonizing stone, rutilated quartz is said to be an illuminator of the soul.

Pendant measures 1 ½” and hangs from a delicate but sturdy chain measuring 18" long and finished with a 9mm lobster claw.  All metal used is oxidized sterling silver.