№ 389 Antique 18k Gold

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Antique 18 karat gold and rutilated quartz are combined in this asymmetrical necklace design that features an antique gold pendant from India depicts Kali.

Some sources say this pendant depicts Kali, the Goddess of Destruction, time and change, and the remover of ego while others say Devi, the all embracing Mother Goddess or Great Goddess.  It is important to note that Devi can manifest as Kali.  These pendants hold a very special place in Silvija’s life, as she has twice worn a Kali pendant for protection and healing, both times deciding to release them into the natural world to find a new home in their own time.

Antique 18 karat gold beads and pendants are from India and are 75-150 years old.  The pieces are very special and rare.

Pendant measures 2” and hangs from an asymmetrical chain that is 18".  All findings used are oxidized sterling silver.