№ 418 Pearl

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This necklace features a stunning fresh water pearl which is paired with an antique coin silver pendant and a textured sterling silver ring.  This necklace reminds me of the moon rising over the snow covered mountains of Montana.  The coin silver pendant makes a delightful jingle while wearing.  This long necklace will easily slip over your head and rest just below the bust line.

Pearls are believed to be in harmony with the moon and the element of water, aiding in aligning with the lunar cycle.  Considered a powerful representative of divine feminine energy, a creator of life and worlds, pearls can help with introspection, self-acceptance and intuitive foresight.  These are authentic fresh water pearls.

Coin silver is made from a mixture of metals with a high pure silver content, often repurposing coins by melting them down.  The coin silver components I work with are antiques from all of the world, ranging from 80-120 years old, found in India, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and many West African countries such as Nigeria and Mali.  The wear and patina of antique coin silver has informed much of my jewelry aesthetic over the years.  The pieces are very special and rare.

Pendant is 4 ½” long and hangs from a 32” chain that is finished with a 9mm lobster claw.  All chain and findings are oxidized sterling silver.